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Change happens continuously, if we can observe and accept change, it can often lead us to having a different relationship with it.

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Keystone to any organisation are the people, let's meet the team.

Enrico Aspe

Founder and Principal System Engineer

From a young age I have had a passion for hardware and software whether building computers, developing just-for-fun applications or helping others on their systems - I have always been the go to 'IT guy' to my friends and family.

For over 7 years, I have been involved in the development of control systems in the Energyinvaluable  industry gaining insight to industrial hardware and software. I have seen many offshore production control systems working (or not) first hand.

I started Zestsoft because I enjoy developing solutions, gaining new insights in all sorts of businesses and helping enable passionate people with what I have learned, often from my unfortunate experiences!

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!

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